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The Triple Crown of Dental Excellence

Catapult Education™

Catapult Education is dedicated to providing dental clinicians worldwide with knowledge and opportunities for growth. Regardless of age or experience, our aim is to foster personal development, ignite creativity, and boost self-confidence through education.

Catapult Grow™

Catapult Grow is about so much more than savings on dental supplies. From credit card processing to insurance negotiations and more, our educationally-based GPO aims to provide dental practices with tangible savings in virtually every aspect of their vocational experience.

Catapult Crown™ 

Catapult Crown was built to allow the Dental Community to gain access to VC-level investment opportunities. As the largest global dental investing platform, it empowers institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging dental companies.


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All Smiles from Industry Experts

"For many years now, Catapult, the entire organization, has been an essential partner to Kettenbach’s go to market strategy.  Whether partnering with its speaker’s bureau, utilizing the web resources or in employing product evaluation services, Catapult has contributed meaningfully to the successful growth of my organization. Easy to work with, we get the results we need in every endeavor we pursue."

Daniel J. Parrilli

General Manager, Kettenbach LP

Working With The Best

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Bridging the Gap: Our Founder's Perspective

As a dedicated dentist with over 40 years of experience, it's clear that dentistry is more than a job; it's a true calling. Day in and day out, dentists work tirelessly to make a positive impact on both their fellow professionals and valued patients. Dentistry isn't just about fixing teeth; it's about nurturing relationships and restoring self-confidence. Recognizing this, Catapult was founded as an organization focused on empowering dental practitioners to make a real difference in their local communities.

Throughout the years, the dental community has faced numerous challenges and opportunities. This inspired the creation of Catapult Organization™, a platform that brings together the passion for dentistry and the potential for fostering innovation, collaboration, and education on a larger scale, ultimately benefiting both dental professionals and patients.

The success of Catapult can be attributed to the outstanding educators, colleagues, and friends who have been part of our journey over the past 20 years. Their expertise, commitment, and support have played a crucial role in shaping the organization and driving our mission forward.

Catapult takes pride in being part of the dental industry, understanding that change can be challenging. Adopting a long-term perspective, the organization recognizes that investments made today will create a lasting influence on the industry's future. With a focus on investing in cutting-edge technologies, offering top-notch complimentary education, and enhancing dentistry through collective strength, Catapult strives for continuous improvement.

The Catapult Education platform delivers exceptional dental continuing education to clinicians worldwide, equipping them with the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques to elevate patient care. Catapult Grow helps dental professionals save on supplies, equipment, and more, granting them the resources to manage their practices more efficiently. Meanwhile, Catapult Crown, the investment platform, presents a unique opportunity for practitioners to invest in dentistry's future while generating long-term returns.

The future of dentistry is bright, and Catapult is proud to play a role in shaping it. By capitalizing on the range of opportunities and resources available, the organization believes it can create a substantial positive impact on the industry and enhance as many lives as possible. Committed to improving dentistry through increased focus, innovative ideas, and investment in groundbreaking technologies, Catapult invites others to join in this mission. Together, we can forge a brighter future for dentistry and make a genuine difference in the world.

In good health,

Dr. Lou Graham


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Get in Touch

Our United States HQ is located in Delray Beach, FL.

Our international HQ is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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